Terms and Conditions

(payment branch of this site)

The payment branch of this site is to proceed with the payment of registration fees for conferences organized by IDMEC.

Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica.

The payment is to be performed using VISA or MasterCard.

The payment of the registration fee gives the right to participate in the event, following the rules publicized in the respective conference web site.

The refund policy follows the rules of each conference as described in the respective web page.

IDMEC will respond to all claims of the card holder in two business days after the claim.

The card holder should inform IDMEC of any changes and updates to the data used in the transaction.

The conference participant should keep a copy with the all data used in the transaction.

All introduced data will be maintained confidential and used only for the conference registration and payment purposes. IDMEC

Mechanical Engineering Institute reserves the right to change the terms and conditions described herein at any time without notice.