II LAETA Young Researchers Meeting 2012


FEUP, Porto, 10 - 11 April 2012

The goal of the meeting is to promote the interdisciplinary discussion among the different research areas covered by young researchers. All researchers are invited to submit one paper in English, maximum 15 pages, by 16 March 2012. Only one paper per researcher is accepted. The papers should follow the template provided in attachment. The oral communication has a time limit of 15 minutes, which should account for at least a 3-minute discussion period.


Official Language

  • English

Important Note to Speakers

The maximum allocated time to each speaker is 15 minutes, this includes both presentation (~12 min) and discussion (~3 min). Please plan your talk accordingly as the session chairs will strictly enforce this.

The presentation must be sent to the organization in advance (see deadline below) to be uploaded to the conference computer.


Important Deadlines

  • Communications and registration: 16 March 2012 to carla.silva@ist.utl.pt
  • Presentations (PPT or PDF format): 8 April 2012 to carla.silva@ist.utl.pt


  • Free but mandatory (mention if you are going to attend the dinner)
  • Includes documentation, CD with meeting proceedings, coffee break, dinner and lunches






Tuesday, 10 April

Time Paper
Title Speaker Institution
09h30 Openingorganizing committeeLAETA
10h00 (invited lecture)Prof. José César de SáIDMEC/FEUP
Session I: Chair Carla Silva
10h50 1Influence of the energy dissipation in the spray impingement modellingChristian RodriguesAeroG/UBI
11h05 2Evaluation of numerical variable density approach to cryogenic jetsEduardo AntunesAeroG/UBI
11h20 Coffee Break
Session II: Chair Marco Parente
11h35 3Multi-scale approach for coupling the radiative transfer and the diffusion equationsMaxime RogerIDMEC/IST
11h50 4Numerical modelling and experimental study of sandwich shells with metal foam coresHelder MataIDMEC/FEUP
12h05 5Identification of gas turbine ground vortex formation regimesPedro ManquinhoAeroG/UBI
12h20 6Introducing fractional sliding mode controlDuarte ValérioIDMEC/IST
12h35 7Twin impinging jets through a crossflowAndré SilvaAeroG/UBI
12h50 8Analysis of crack tip stress fields using a meshless methodSusana MoreiraIDMEC/FEUP
13h05 Lunch
15h00 Aniversário IDMEC
17h50 Coffee Break
Session III: Chair João Pombo
18h05 9Aerodynamic noise in motorcycle helmetsJoão CarrilhoADAI/UC
18h2010A steel-composition cork phononic device for low frequency vibration isolationHugo PolicarpoIDMEC/IST
18h3511A preliminary study on breast elasticity and firmness effectsNilza RamiãoIDMEC/FEUP
18h5012Reliability on railway equipmentRui BarataIDMEC/FEUP
19h0513Vanadium redox flow cell prototype resultsRui NetoIDMEC/IST
20h00 Dinner @ Hotel Axis

Wednesday, 11 April

Time Paper
Title Speaker Institution
Session IV: Chair João Malça
09h3014Aero-structural optimization of sailplane wingsAndré MartaCCTAE/IST
09h4515Wheel/rail contact fatigueDaniel PeixotoIDMEC/FEUP
10h0016Lightweight aluminium panels for high speed railway passenger carsDaniel BragaINEGI/FEUP
10h1517Torque loss in a gearbox lubricated with windmill gear oilsRamiro MartinsINEGI/FEUP
10h3018Experimental study of 2D turbulent parietal jetsFernando NevesAeroG/UBI
10h4519Optimization of fuzzy models using a novel pso algorithm: application to sepsis outcome predictionSusana VieiraIDMEC/IST
11h00 Coffee Break
Session V: Chair André Marta
11h1520Strategies for weight reduction of hybrid commercial vehiclesPaulo NevesIDMEC/FEUP
11h3021Measurement of the levator ani in female sport students with and without urinary incontinenceThuane RozaIDMEC/FEUP
11h4522Numerical study of the mechanisms responsible by the different pressures caused at the fetus' head, related with the vaginal deliveryElisabete SilvaIDMEC/FEUP
12h0023FSW, optimization and joint strength prediction based on Taguchi methodRedney RodriguezINEGI/FEUP
12h1524Development of a variable-span morphing wingPedro GamboaAeroG/UBI
12h3025Adipsmeter - wireless communicationTiago AndradeUISPA/IDMEC/FEUP
12h45 Lunch
Session VI: Chair André Silva
14h3026Analysis of time reduction on solid-shell structures based on finite element techniqueNickil SrivatsanIDMEC/FEUP
14h4527Jump fire - a type of extreme fire behavior. simulation and laboratorial study under no wind and no slope conditionsJorge RaposoADAI/UC
15h0028Friction torque of cylindrical roller thrust bearings lubricated with wind turbine gear oilsCarlos FernandesINEGI/FEUP
15h1529Analysis of forming limit diagram of tailor welded blank using fld and ductile fracture criteriaRasool SafdarianTarbiat Modares U.
15h3030MacBeth as a multi-criteria decision analysis tool to benchmark airportsJorge SilvaAeroG/UBI
15h4531Addressing uncertainty in the life-cycle modeling of vegetable oil fuel in EuropeJoão MalçaADAI/UC/ISEC
16h00 Coffee Break
Session VII: Chair Pedro Moreira
16h1532A technological and location-based study over active orthoses and exoskeletonsDaniel PinaIDMEC/FEUP
16h3033Research on electric drive vehiclesCarla SilvaIDMEC/IST
16h4534Biomechanical study - hyperelastic materials mechanical propertiesMaria CardosoIDMEC/FEUP
17h0035Composites with viscoelastic materials: current results and prospective applicationsJosé SilvaAeroG/UBI
17h1536Study on the dynamic behaviour of railway vehicles with worn wheelsJoão PomboIDMEC/IST
17h3037Towards large eddy simulation of co-firing coal and non-wood based biomassMiriam RabacalIDMEC/IST
17h45 Closing



Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is composed by the following Researchers:

  • Dra. Carla Silva (IDMEC-IST): carla.silva at ist.ul.pt
  • Dr. João Pombo (IDMEC-IST): jpombo at dem.ist.utl.pt
  • Dr. Marco Parente (IDMEC-FEUP): mparente at fe.up.pt
  • Dr. André Silva (AEROG-UBI): andre at ubi.pt
  • Dr. João Malça (ADAI-UC): jmalca at isec.pt
  • Dr. Pedro Moreira (INEGI-FEUP): pmgpm at fe.up.pt
  • Dr. André Marta (CCTAE): andre.marta at ist.utl.pt